Do you want to diversify your saving? Have you found some many scams surround you? Money Elephant is going to tell you how to know it is scam and how to make some money from FOREX in a RIGHT way.

Want to make money is right, nothing wrong about it. But you need to learn the right way to make it. The website now is full of smoky words about making money. That’s why I want to show something different.

Money Elephant is to share with you how to do it in a right way. As a retail trader with 8 years investment experience. I have been fully equipped with trading knowledge and mindset.  I decide to share my thoughts about how to manage risky investment. What mindsets you need to own. What knowledge you need to obtain before doing the FOREX trading.


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Every thing related with money is a myth@MoneyElephant


Money Elephant; make money like an elephant.